A Woman's Mitzvah

by Meira Svirsky

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Meira Svirsky is a noted author and lecturer of the Laws of Family Purity and women's issues, among other topics in Judasim. In addition, she has trained many outreach professionals to be kallah teachers. She is also a therpist, trained in the methodolgy of her internationally known husband, Efim Svirsky.


Magnificent! A very clear and important book that covers all aspects of these laws ... Both the unfamiliar and the teacher of these laws will benefit greatly from learning teaching from this book. The fact that it has been written by a woman for women makes it into an even more useful book I heartfully recommend this book! Rav Noah Weinberg zz"l
This book is based on classes that I gave [and] written by a woman with years of experience teaching both in teaching brides as well as training other instructors ... May this work encoourage and assist women. Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, shlit"a

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From Students and Readers

I have been teaching kallahs (brides) for five years and I wish I could have taken your course six years ago! No ... make that 11 years ago when I got married! Your classes address the halachos in a clear, direct style that also acknowledges the issues that college-educated women struggle with. Today's professional woman sometimes notice gaps -- which she may call "inconsistencies" in the information she is given -- and ask questions which I could never answer. Your course fills in those gaps, revealing not only the truth of Torah , but the high esteem it holds Jewish women.
Meira Svirsky's book, A Woman's Mitzvah, is a thorough, sensitive, down-to-earth, life-changing book that, without a doubt, speaks to women on every level of observance. At every turn Rebbetzin Svirsky addresses her students (in the book and in her course) with the kind of respect, caring and understanding that they need to feel in order to grow. I use A Woman's Mitzvah as a text to teach brides about Taharas HaMishpacha and everyone of them -- from orthodox to completely secular -- loves it and connects to it whole-heartedly.

A Woman's Opportunity

Creating Oneness through the Deeper Power of the Mikveh

Two hours of Inspiration about Taharas HaMishpacha, Intimacy and Shalom Bayis

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